Pelabravo Design, founded in 2010, was named after a village of about 300 people in Northwestern Spain. I had the unique opportunity of living and working there for a few months, and it was definitely an eye-opening experience. It gave me a completely different perspective on life and has influenced my creative work on many levels.


The infamous Pelabravo rooftops
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Nothing to see here, just a sheep relaxing beside a bathtub
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A visit to Pelabravo as a soon-to-be Mom

My name’s Sarah Miller, I’m proudly Canadian but I’m also proud to be a little española as well, having lived close to a quarter of my life here in Madrid. I’ve had a lot of different kinds of clients over the years, based both in Canada and here in Spain. I love the challenge of capturing the essence of a company in their visual identity, and creating cohesive elements to support it. Clear communication is key, and that is universal.

Metropolis, one of the most spectacular buildings in Madrid